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Zebra mussels in Range mine pit raise questions

Northern Minnesota has been standing sentinel against zebra mussels for a number of years. We worry our freshwater lakes could be overrun by this invasive species. Typically, however, we imagine the pests arriving on the hulls of traveling boats and trailers. That doesn’t seem to explain why they showed up in an Iron Range mine… Read More →

Unwanted fish ready for the ‘gauntlet’

ANNOUNCER: … in other news, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced its plan to block the advance of invasive Asian carp through the locks and dams of American rivers to the Great Lakes. The plan combines new lock engineering, complex noise, water jets, and electric barriers to turn back the carp. The scheme also… Read More →

Top MinnesotaBrown posts for 2012

Happy New Year from! As we conclude 2012 and approach the bounty of 2013, enjoy my annual roundup of the year’s top posts. This is a comprehensive list of the most popular and my personal favorite writing from the year. Which post made #1? Which northern Minnesota politician owns the northern Minnesota internet? Is… Read More →

Top MinnesotaBrown posts for 2011

As 2011 comes to a close I present this blog’s top posts for the year. After that I’ll share some of my personal favorites. I’m always fascinated at how different those two lists end up being. In fact, the top traffic list reads like some kind of comedy of errors in my ill-fated attempt to… Read More →

Top MinnesotaBrown posts for 2010

Another year has come and gone. In keeping with a recent tradition I now highlight some of my top Google Analytics posts from 2010. After the list I’ll share a few favorites that never caught on. MOST READ POSTS About my friend Tom Anzelc — I hate that this one came out on top but… Read More →

The humor, history & stories of Bemidji Great Northern Radio Show

Music plays a central part in this Saturday night’s Great Northern Radio Show (live from the historic Chief Theatre in downtown Bemidji, 5-7 p.m.). But the show’s attitude comes from our live sketches and textured conversations between and about the people of northern Minnesota. I write most of the sketches for the show, with contributions… Read More →