Even northern towns under curfew tonight after chaotic week in Minnesota

UPDATE June 1: A peaceful night passed on the Iron Range. Further review indicates that internet rumors prompted Range towns to set curfews. Efforts to organize peaceful protests in these towns became wildly misinterpreted. Original May 31: Today, peaceful demonstrations took place in towns across northern Minnesota, including Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Hibbing and Virginia. In… Read More →

Inspiring Mesabi Range running back featured on ESPN

Taquarius Wair dons the green and gold of the Mesabi Range Norseman football team. A freshman running back from Minneapolis, he joins many on his team in following dreams of playing college football to the Iron Range. But his story resembles no other. Burned in a terrible house fire when he was a small child,… Read More →

Shutdown spawns new nation of ‘Greatlandia’

Speaking of Minneapolis, a guy I know from the western Mesabi Iron Range has declared his house and yard apartment in Minneapolis as the sovereign nation of Greatlandia, citing distrust over the federal government’s inability to function. He and friends are crowd-sourcing funding to pay for the nascent nation. Their primary accomplishment so far seems… Read More →

Minneapolis dating scene as depicted in the Times

Here’s this weird story from the New York Times about the Minneapolis dating scene. The lives depicted therein do not appeal to me, though that is no surprise given the fact that I’m wearing khaki pants in my country office right now. As soul-sucking and vacuous as all this seems to me, the story is… Read More →

Minneapolis mayor candidate’s weird ad goes viral

So far I’ve entirely avoided talking about the Minneapolis mayor race, despite its crushing weight on my Minnesota Twitter and Facebook feeds. What could get me to break this radio silence? This now nationally viral ad by longshot candidate Jeff Wagner: Nothing beats watching this the first time, wondering — that’s not him, is it?… Read More →