Minneapolis dating scene as depicted in the Times

Ed Schipul / Creative Commons license

Here’s this weird story from the New York Times about the Minneapolis dating scene. The lives depicted therein do not appeal to me, though that is no surprise given the fact that I’m wearing khaki pants in my country office right now. As soul-sucking and vacuous as all this seems to me, the story is intended as a compliment for how much better Minneapolis is for singles than New York.

But the magic is wearing thin, all ’cause of the Man.

Mr. Heins added: “Nobody is out looking long-term. We’re short-term. I think that’s what Minneapolis is created on: the people who didn’t want to get married, who didn’t want to settle down with their first girlfriend out in the country, moved into the city to find other people like themselves who wanted to get tattooed and live life. We’re the lost boys and girls of the sticks who come to the city to live and find themselves.”

But Uptown, that island of lost boys and girls may be disappearing. Several people noted the presence of new condominiums springing up on Lyndale Avenue, bringing with them a new crowd.

Oh noooos! People with goals ruin everything, dude.


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