Brown on the Air: BREAKFAST CEREAL!

My weekly essay for the 91.7 KAXE call-in and music program “Between You and Me” will feature a 90-second spoof advertisement for a product I call “Jammer Pops.” The satirical piece is among the craziest things I have ever attempted, so by all means tune in. (I swear to all things holy, it includes me using “Chipmunks” technology on my voice and an FDR impersonation).

“Between You and Me” displays Northern Minnesota culture by exploring new topics each week and letting listeners dictate the pace and direction of the show. This week, guest host DJ the DJ fills in for producer and host Heidi Holtan, who is on assignment.

The show airs 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota and streaming online all over the world at Listen, call in and offer your thoughts and memories about breakfast cereal.

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