What to get for the mom upon whose survival the colony depends?

Happy Mother’s Day! I’d like to wish my mom, Sandra Johnson, a very happy mother’s day. I figure the best way to say thanks is to chase the bizarre sense of humor we share down the rabbit hole … or in this case, ant colony. This is my Sunday column for the May 12, 2013… Read More →

Bragging about Minnesota’s passive-aggressive non-bragging

This Saturday on KAXE‘s “Between You and Me” the topic is “Brag About Minnesota.” The inspiration was this Andrew Gauthier Buzzfeed piece, “38 Things Minnesotans are Too Nice to Brag About.” My essay for the radio has also been adapted into my Sunday column for the Hibbing Daily Tribune, but you might enjoy the audio… Read More →

Breaking the mold of northern Minnesota media

This morning Northern Community Radio begins its winter/spring fundraiser. As many of you know, KAXE, KBXE, and Northern Community Internet comprise a truly unique independent public media network, one that has supported me and my writing for many years. I don’t ask for donations here at my blog, but if you are a loyal reader… Read More →

‘Lincoln’: An ode to gradual change

This is my Sunday column for the Feb. 17, 2013 edition of the Hibbing Daily Tribune. A version of this piece aired Saturday on KAXE‘s Between You and Me. The Academy Awards ceremony is tonight. ‘Lincoln”: An ode to gradual changeBy Aaron J. Brown Early in “Team of Rivals,” Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book about President… Read More →

Thar she syncs: Accepting my e-fate

Here is my Sunday column for the Jan. 27, 2013 edition of the Hibbing Daily Tribune. An audio version of this piece aired yesterday on Northern Community Radio’s “Between You and Me.” I offered some additional thoughts (and cool whale art) on Friday. Thar she syncs: Accepting my e-fateBy Aaron J. BrownBehold, me lads and… Read More →

To the seas of the air; on pride, e-readers and ‘Moby Dick’

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas this year and was forced to confront a matter of pride. I had resisted jumping over to e-readers, despite their obvious popularity, instead remaining loyal the paper books I grew up with and love. If I was going to read an e-book for the first time, I wasn’t… Read More →

The holiday project, light unto a dark universe

Today ends November and welcomes December, a month that, in America at least, brings a contradictory swirl of non-stop holiday and additional work duties. Have fun! Relax! Get your work done! We usually fire people before the end of the year! Don’t worry, though, we wouldn’t do that on Christmas! The topic on Saturday’s “Between… Read More →

18-pt trophy stag chef Wolfgang Buck on KAXE Saturday

Last weekend’s poor weather has put Minnesota’s 2012 deer harvest down 14 percent from last year. Now, the final weekend of rifle deer hunting is upon us. On Saturday morning, from 10 a.m. to noon, Northern Community Radio’s “Between You and Me” will talk about cooking for Thanksgiving. I chose to talk about interesting ways… Read More →

AUDIO: Movies and typewriter time travel

Saturday morning’s “Between You and Me” on 91.7 KAXE will share “movie moments.” Film professor Jack Nachbar and KAXE “Mom of Pop Culture” Julie Crabb will take nominations for great movie moments and lead a discussion of how our lives intersect with these moments. The show runs 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 FM in… Read More →

AUDIO: Game on (the radio)

We can’t change the present or the future. We can only change the past, and we do it all the time. That’s Bob Dylan from his recent (print edition only) interview in Rolling Stone. That quote floored me, and further still I read it in an ESPN/Grantland Fantasy Football column by Chuck Klosterman. What?! What… Read More →