To the seas of the air; on pride, e-readers and ‘Moby Dick’

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas this year and was forced to confront a matter of pride. I had resisted jumping over to e-readers, despite their obvious popularity, instead remaining loyal the paper books I grew up with and love.

If I was going to read an e-book for the first time, I wasn’t going to mess around. It would be “Moby Dick.” If this thing could handle “Moby Dick,” it had my respect.

Damn if, amid a busy schedule, I didn’t read and enjoy “Moby Dick” in less than 10 days.

Some thoughts on pride, change, e-books and the White Whale dominate my radio essay and Sunday column this week. You can read the full version here Sunday morning, but I’ll have it on Northern Community Radio this Saturday morning on the “Between You and Me” program, which this week explores topics on the subject of pride.

“Between You and Me” airs from 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 KAXE (Grand Rapids, Aitkin and the Iron Range), 89.9 (Brainerd) and 90.5 KBXE (Bemidji and Bagley). You can catch the live stream from anywhere on Earth at

With modern technology you could even listen at sea, somewhere over the bones of Moby Dick.

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