Brown on the Air: DO IT YOURSELF!

Tune in Saturday morning at 10 for KAXE‘s weekly call-in and music program “Between You and Me,” to which I contribute yet another timely and deficit neutral essay. This independent public radio station kicks off its annual fall fundraiser this weekend and the themes of the fundraiser, this show and my essay are all “Do it Yourself.”

We all know the DIY phenomenon. It even has its own cable channel(s). I explore this concept and my own lack of DIY skills. This deficiency is particularly dangerous for me here on the Iron Range, where Do It Yourself is assumed for most any project. The writing of this particular essay was an amusing exercise as I realized halfway through the draft that I was writing nearly the same essay I had once written in 2007. The result is an entertaining combination of the two items. It’s been that kind of month, I think.

“Between You and Me” airs from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday. You can listen at 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota or streaming live online anywhere in the world at A version of the piece will also run as my Sunday column in the Hibbing Daily Tribune.

And if you are not a member of KAXE, the jewel of northern Minnesota’s unique culture and media, you should join now. They do amazing work and are building for the big picture of changing media.

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