Bananas on deadline

I’m going to give readers a glimpse into the creative process. I write two things on a weekly deadline, a newspaper column and a radio essay. The radio essay topic is generally dictated by KAXE’s “Between You and Me” show topic that week. In a way, that makes this piece easier to write because it’s essentially like working off a prompt. The weekly column can be about a topic of my choosing, which means enormous freedom but also, ironically, more writer’s bloc.

So here’s the question. Can I write a 600 word column about the following concept?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes people will pull bananas off the bunches at the grocery store so they only have to buy the amount they want? Isn’t that outrageous? Did you know that they sell the single bananas at a discount when they turn brown?

I think I can do this. Pray extra hard, little boys and girls.


  1. I take bananas off the bunches. Why would I buy seven bananas when I know I can only eat two before they go bad? Boo to you for outing me, Mr. Brown.

  2. Not only do I know that, I DO that. Maybe you are the weird one if you think you only can buy the bunches as they are displayed?

  3. There’s no way I could eat that many bananas either! I’m a Minnesotan who likes to do the right thing, but when it comes to bananas, I’m selfish.

    Plus, bananas are a very tricky fruit – I like them sort of green and a little bit crunchy while the hubby likes them soft. That too has to go into the equation of which bananas to buy.

    I’ve also been told I’m a weirdo for the way I peel a banana. I don’t do it like a monkey – I slit it down the middle and make a banana boat of sorts.

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