Brown on the Air: MINNESOTA ACCENTS!

Every once in a while I can sense when an episode of “Between You and Me,” the 91.7 KAXE Saturday morning call-in and music radio show juggernaut, will stick to the ribs. This Saturday’s show (10 a.m. to noon) should do just that as host Heidi Holtan leads a discussion about the unique words and sounds of the Minnesota accent. As usual, I have filed my weekly contribution which looks at how an early career in radio and a lifetime of watching Carson and Letterman warped my accent. It should be a great show.

“Between You and Me” documents the voices, stories and attitudes of the people of northern Minnesota. You can listen from 10 a.m. to noon every Saturday morning on 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota or streaming online all over the world at I am one of three weekly contributors mixed in with music, calls and other fun programming.

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