Brown on the Air: FUN!

KAXE‘s annual winter fundraiser is here and the Saturday morning program “Between You and Me” is joining in the fun. Quite literally. “Fun” is the theme of the fundraiser AND this week’s show. How fun! I mean that, actually.

91.7 KAXE is an independent public station pumping out 100,000 slick, smooth watts across northern Minnesota — Brainerd, Bemidji, Grand Rapids and the whole Iron Range. Unlike certain fancy pants public stations that kick up the snooze powder for their fundraisers KAXE turns the week into a radio adventure, complete with characters, plot lines, multimedia experiments and random surprises. And when the theme itself is FUN, the only thing to worry about is whether the fun particles in the universe are sucked into a dense core, begin to fuse, and crush the earth in a gravitational implosion.

Experts say such an event would sound like funder without lightning.

Puns are fun! That’s why my contribution to the show this week is entitled “The Fun-damentals of Life.” Will it be funny AND poignant? You bet your fun-maker it will.

The fundraiser starts today and “Between You and Me” will air tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 20, from 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota or streaming live all over the world at If you are a fan of this blog or my book please consider becoming a member of KAXE. It’s one of the best media organizations I’ve ever encountered and provides a home base for many aspects of my writing. Also, it’s just fun. Get it? Full circle. Nice.

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