Brown on the Air: TEETH!

Damn if I didn’t just write and record an essay about teeth. Guy writes and records a thing like that, he sure as hell hopes someone listens to it. That’s where you come in. The topic of this week’s edition of “Between You and Me” on 91.7 KAXE is teeth. I’ll be joining the fray as I always do with another meticulously crafted piece of whimsy think. The subject choice emerged when host and producer Heidi Holtan met an adorable little girl who like to “play” Between You and Me at home. The girl’s mom told Heidi that her topic that week was “teeth.” Somewhere in the sky, a cuteness cloud collided with a “Awww” front and here we are people. It is what it is.

There is a larger question here. Can a large, respected community radio station turn teeth into two hours of good programming? This is so meta. I’m being so meta right now! Tune in, OK! 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday on 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota or streaming online all over the world at My thing on teeth will give you something to chew on, and that’s not all, there’s molar.

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