Brown on the Air: YOUR NEXT MEAL!

Tune in to 91.7 KAXE‘s “Between You and Me” program between 10 a.m. and noon Saturday for a mix of talk, music and rumination over this week’s topic: your next meal. What are you having for your next big meal? This opens talk of meal preparation, recipes and food specifics. It’s also a chance for stories about food itself, how we think about food and how our pursuit of food affects our lives. Indeed, a high (or low) topic for discussion.

I’ll be chiming in as usual with my weekly contribution to this fine call-in and music program. My essay is actually more of a sketch, featuring bears. A male bear and a female bear, to be precise, both voiced by yours truly. Yes, I’m really doing this. It’s one of those projects where, even if it is terrible you will remember it. I guarantee, you will remember the scorched earth I render this Saturday morn. Mostly, however, I hope that my bear melodrama reaffirms your faith in love. There is a bear in the woods. Actually two bears. And they do love each other very much even if you disagree with their choices.

“Between You and Me” airs from 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota and streaming online all over the world at The show and my essays are archived at PRX, through the help of Minnesota Arts and Heritage funds, and are sometimes featured on public radio stations all over the known world. Contact your local public radio station and ask them why they don’t air more Brown. They probably have a really good answer, but asking helps.

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