This week on “Between You and Me,” the Saturday morning radio show sensation from the northern indy powerhouse 91.7 KAXE, host Heidi Holtan is taking your calls about getting ready for Thanksgiving. Holiday purists know that Thanksgiving, with its dogmatic commitment to eating and forced interaction with family, is the one true American holiday. I was given a writing prompt for my regular commentary on the show of finding out the authentic origins of Thanksgiving’s history in American. I took that prompt and decided instead to make up the history, turning Mark Twain into the time-traveling, McRib-inventing protagonist. You will be pleased with the results, if only because my recent foray into big-time public radio blathering reminded me that I really need to keep these damn things under two and a half minutes. Premise (pow) Punchlines (pow) and Reflection (Jab Jab) and you go on your merry way.

Tune in from 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota or streaming online all over the world at “Between You and Me” is syndicated through PRX, as are my individual essays.

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