Brown on the Air: WE THE PEOPLE!

My essay on this week’s edition of “Between You and Me,” KAXE’s Saturday morning call-in and music program, joins the show’s topic and the subject of this independent public station’s winter fundraiser “We the People.” This people-powered media outlet is looking for stories and ideas about the future of public radio, internet and other forms of mass communication.

Naturally, I’ll be on my soapbox telling stories as I usually do, but that’s really secondary. Whether it’s “Between You and Me” specifically or KAXE generally, the message is the same. There is nothing quite like KAXE-Northern Community Radio anywhere else. It’s got a diverse range of personalities, programming and music that reflect the unique nature of northern Minnesota and its people. And it operates primarily with member donations. Take a listen and, if you can afford anything at all, do your part to help keep KAXE going.

KAXE is not only a vitally important source of information for me, it’s a warm and friendly home for my writing and work in media. If you read this blog, including my coverage of the 5B special and other Range political stories, know that it’s my work with KAXE that makes some of that possible. Please support them if you at all able.

“Between You and Me” airs from 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 FM in northern Minnesota and streams live all over the world at

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