Brown on the Air: "SPRING?"

This week on KAXE’s “Between You and Me” I chip in an essay joining the Saturday morning show topic of “spring.” What spring? And I don’t just mean this in a small talk sort of way, like the guy at the gas station. I aim to explore the soul of Minnesotans, without, you know, getting into too much detail about emotions and such. Just enough for the radio, don’ cha know. Have a spring thought? A spring story? Join us.

Tune in to “Between You and Me,” a weekly talk and music program featuring the voices and attitudes of northern Minnesota’s unique and, lately, stir crazy people. The show airs between 10 a.m. and noon on 91.7 FM in the region or streaming live all over the world at My essays and the show itself are syndicated through Public Radio Exchange though state arts and heritage funding.

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