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Today is the final day of the KAXE-Northern Community Radio fall fundraiser. KAXE is an independent public radio station that pays its own way for a programming mix that includes a little bit of NPR news and a lot of locally-produced, locally-generated content and music. This year KAXE and I produced the Great Northern Radio Show, which debuted last Saturday live from Hibbing. (Listen to Hour 1 and Hour 2 at Most of KAXE’s funding comes from listener-members.

In addition to being one of the best and most locally-focused media organizations I’ve ever experienced, KAXE has been one of my most generous supporters. If you read this blog, if you read my columns, if you listen to my radio work, if you followed the details of my long journey from radio show idea to last week’s radio show, please do your part. Join KAXE at an amount you can afford. It is very important.

Between You and Me” is on hiatus for this Saturday after the fundraiser. Tune in next week for more on my next on-air contribution for that unique program, just one of many produced by KAXE. Your support will also help us further develop the Great Northern Radio Show, which we hope to bring to new heights in the coming year.

Nothing says northern Minnesota like KAXE. Help them out today.

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