This week’s topic on “Between You and Me” is one of those classic ones: Accidental Recipes. That would be recipes improved by unexpected changes. And of course, they don’t have to be good. Maybe it was bad. By all means, call in.

My contribution to the show is not about food, however. I talk about accidental invention, and do so in the time-honored tradition of radio comedy sketch. Perhaps you’ve heard of the “accidental” invention of the Ivory soap recipe, the famed “soap that floats?”* Well, I bring that moment to life using a metal serving dish, a large mug of water, a rotary phone, the guest voice work of Scott Hall and, of course, everything Wikipedia has to say about the 1870s.

This is one worth seeking out. “Between You and Me” airs 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 KAXE in northern Minnesota, streaming live and archived at My commentary generally airs in the first half hour.

* Actually, Proctor and Gamble has admitted that the accidental floating story is not true. Pssst, neither is my radio play.

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