"This woe-some news is of great providence"

I don’t always share the audio of my commentaries for the Saturday morning KAXE program “Between You and Me” here at the blog, but think you might enjoy this one. I wrote a radio sketch for the “accidental recipes” show last week, taking a look at the creation of a certain famous soap back in 1879. The sketch stars Scott Hall as Hiram and myself as Byron. Heidi Holtan did the sound effects work. Have a listen.

This week’s show also looks to be fun, with the somewhat-related topic of “jury-rig” or “jerry-rigged.” Will Minnesota’s own MacGuyver be involved? Well, possibly. Truth is, “MacGruber” really gobbled up most of the tropes a guy like me would lean on. But Richard Dean Anderson really does have a place on the Range.

“Between You and Me” is music, conversation and commentary every Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to noon on 91.7 FM or streaming and archived at www.kaxe.org.

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