Team Norway curling uniforms set blasters on stun

Norway Curling Team

We’ve talked about the underdog U.S. Curling team, but here’s their big time competition: the brightly dressed rink from Norway.

All month I’ve been talking about the underdog U.S. Curling team with northern Minnesota roots in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Well, if those guys are the scrappy underdogs, we now have a picture of one of their elite adversaries. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Ulsrud Rink, aka Team Norway.

Team Norway CurlingTeam Norway has always been a reasonably good curling power, but they really started getting a lot of attention in the 2010 Olympics with their very outrageous pants. If you’re not following the Norwegian curling pants on Facebook you are missing out. Well, 2014 will bring not just the pants of a deranged curling menace, but the entire wardrobe.

The genius of the Team Norway strategy is evident in this quote from a very enjoyable story in the New York Times:

“These pants would be great to win in,” [team member] Vad Petersson said. “But they’d be terrible to lose in. We decided that when we wear them, we have to really try and win and go the whole way.”

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