Metal train touts mettle of Minnesota iron mining

Imagine LiFe without Iron.

The Twin Cities light rail blue line train features Minnesota Iron, the new marketing campaign of the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota.

The Iron Mining Association of Minnesota, the trade group representing northern Minnesota’s taconite mines and processing plants, is rolling out a new marketing campaign that asks people to “imagine LiFE without iron.”

The premise is that it’s hard to imagine life without iron, which is in most of the things we use every day. And “FE” is the periodic table abbreviation for the element iron, which is a little something extra for the nerds and geologists (aka ¨uber-nerds”).

The most resplendent evidence of the campaign will be visible to Twin Cities commuters, as the metro commuter Blue Line train, in addition to being composed of iron, is now painted with the iron mining message.

The Iron Mining Association also kicked of, a new website explaining the role iron mining plays in Minnesota’s economy and the goods we buy.

Like PolyMet’s campaign to bolster its proposal to mine copper, nickel and other minerals last year, this Minnesota Iron campaign seeks to show how its products are used, not just shovels and hard hats. Unlike PolyMet, Minnesota iron mines have been churning out world-changing amounts of iron for more than 100 years.


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