The DFL’s ‘Mad Man’ turnout blitz in Duluth

Actor Jon Hamm, seen here talking with Larry David, will be in Duluth today with Sen. Al Franken. (PHOTO: Creative Commons)

Actor Jon Hamm, seen here talking with Larry David in 2012, will be in Duluth, Minnesota, today with Sen. Al Franken. (PHOTO: Creative Commons license)

As we covered on the Almanac political panel last Friday, one of the biggest variables heading into next Tuesday’s midterm election here in Minnesota is turnout.

While Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Al Franken, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party incumbents, both show significant leads in their races, control of the State House of Representatives and at least two DFL-held Congressional seats are very much in play.

From Vice President Biden’s visit to Hibbing last week, to surrogate stops by Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton in the Twin Cities, it’s clear that the DFL believes trying to beat turnout expectations is key to Democratic survival of  a tough GOP insurgency.

And today brings a celebrity twist. Jon Hamm, yes of “Mad Men” fame, will be highlighting a rally at the University of Minnesota-Duluth for Sen. Franken. The Franken campaign posted information about the rally over the weekend.

Turning out DFL voters in Duluth, in particular, stands to benefit Rick Nolan, even if Franken is the one holding the rally today. One sees, however, that this midterm has inspired little energy and interest from most Minnesotans. Challenging Republicans need only capitalize on the general malaise in the electorate, while Democrats must put objects in motion which are not currently in motion.

That’s probably the biggest reason GOPers feel they have advantages in key races heading into the final week. The DFL has long believed it has the better ground game. It will need to prove it.

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