Trump to campaign in Twin Ports

Lake Superior trump

Donald Trump is rumored to be considering notorious political enforcer Angry Face Lake Superior as a potential running mate.

On Monday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Superior ahead of Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary.

He will appear at the Richard I. Bong airport at 1:30 p.m. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. Ticket information is here.

This is the first time Trump has appeared in the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior. It’s also his first stop in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, or the “Northland” as the local TV channels call it.

Trump didn’t campaign up here ahead of the Minnesota caucuses last month. I thought he might. His anti-trade, blue collar appeals seem ready made for flecking off Democratic support from places like my native Iron Range.

But Trump didn’t try it. I think Minnesota, the only state Marco Rubio won, was too far gone for him to put much into it at the time.

Superior is actually an interesting laboratory for the “blue collar Trump” theory. I went to college there and saw the town as being akin to a large Iron Range city. It certainly grew from some of the same immigrant and labor origins.

Trump leads the Republican race for president, but is in a real fight to avoid a contested GOP convention in Cleveland this summer. In fact, these last few weeks have been brutal for Trump. Without the constant drumbeat of primary victories to dominate the news, Trump has had to deal with the avalanche of criticism over his freewheeling, stream-0f-consciousness campaign style and harsh statements about women.

About the best thing he’s got going for him is that his chief opponent is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, another political outsider who has only slightly less negative poll ratings than Trump. The other guy is Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has no mathematical chance of winning the nomination. It’s an ugly situation for Republicans.

Trump is behind in the Wisconsin polls. At this point, Cruz is expected to win. If Trump comes back to win, you might see him with an outside chance to avoid the contested convention outright. If Cruz wins, a contested convention seems likely, if not assured. If we go to a contested convention the nominee might not even be in the race right now.

It is under this milieu that Donald Trump shall appear at relatively unknown regional airport in the small industrial port city of Superior, Wisconsin.

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