Hear ‘Dig Deep’ drill into 2018 campaign

As I previewed a few days ago, we held a Dig Deep live event at KAXE studios in Grand Rapids this week. Moderator and producer Heidi Holtan led a conversation between conservative commentator Chuck Marohn and liberal commentator, yours truly.

We analyzed Minnesota politics as it stands today. Specifically we explore the uncertain race for governor and the hotly contested race for Congress in Minnesota’s Eighth District. We break down the candidates and their electoral challenges.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can hear the podcast now through Northern Community Radio.

And you can hear our podcast-only bonus episode that we recorded after we went off air. It’s a nice chat with the audience that included deeper analysis on the mining issue in the 8th District and the functionality of our two party system.

It’s a busy time for my political bloviating. I was on MPR with Cathy Wurzer late last week as well.

If there’s one thing that changed for me after 2016 it’s my approach to horse race politics. If all we care about is who’s winning we spend precious little time looking at policy and its effects on people. That’s how we ended up with a human id in the White House, and an id-like response from the befuddled opposition.

See, we don’t know. In practical terms, we don’t know what’s really happening. We don’t connect our political tribalism to any real outcome. We want to appease our emotional desire to “win.” Even then, sometimes we just want to enjoy watching the other side “lose.”

So I will continue to try to dig deeper (no pun intended) when I speak with reporters and offer my thoughts here on the blog. What are we going to do? What will it mean? Importantly, how will it be accomplished? Finally, what are the consequences?

Could be a little quiet over the summer. Show next week. Still working on the book. I’m only going to write when I have something. But I’ll be monitoring these races closely and will share updates when they are merited.

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