Celebrate with the Great Northern Radio Show

It’s been a wild fall here at MinnesotaBrown. An unexpected research trip to San Francisco. Election coverage that culminated with a live appearance on National Public Radio. And now I’m getting ready for Saturday’s Great Northern Radio Show at the historic Hibbing High School auditorium. It’s been a banner year for this mid-level regional writer. And I don’t often thank you to readers like you who support this blog.

Great Northern Radio Show weekend begins after my last class at the college today. This is our biggest show ever, in a literal sense. We’ve never played a hall this size before. We typically pull 200-300 audience members, which would look like hobo riff-raff in a theater as spacious as this one. Fortunately, ticket sales have been well above average and I think there’s a good chance of us breaking our all-time attendance record of about 600. We might even smash that record. Nevertheless, I’m confident anyone reading this could walk up and buy a ticket on Saturday and I hope you do.

Celebrate the end of the election, the closing of deer hunting, the resolution of an autumn season that ghosted out the back door. Commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of Hibbing, a town that only grows more interesting the more I research it. And goodness, have some fun. Laugh at ourselves. Tap your toes to some great music. See the splendor of the Hibbing High School auditorium after its massive restoration project.

The show airs 5-7 p.m. on Saturday, but you should be in your seat by 4:30 for the audience warmup. If you can’t make it to Hibbing on Saturday listen at 91.7 KAXE locally, or on one of the affiliates or online stream of Northern Community Radio.


  1. FANTASTIC show tonight! The music and skits have have never been better. Congrats to everyone involved. The theater made one feel like they could be in NY City! Thank you for all your efforts and have a wonderful holiday season.

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