Oral history of this blog with notes

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Earlier this week I appeared on the Duluth News Tribune Pressroom Podcast with co-hosts Christa Lawler and Brady Slater, produced by Samantha Erkkila. The podcast team and I had been trying for years to figure out when I’d be in Duluth on a weekday with time to spare. We finally found a moment after my appearance on NPR’s special live broadcast last week.

You can listen here, or find the podcast on iTunes.

This was a fun conversation, a mix of Iron Range culture, the oral history of this blog, and some personal details you might not know about me.

Unless you already knew that I was a half-batty writer who rarely leaves Northern Minnesota. In that case, just come to hear me crack wise.

I neglected to mention in the podcast that I have another Great Northern Radio Show on Saturday, Nov. 17 at the newly restored Hibbing High School auditorium. It’s the biggest and most beautiful hall we’ve ever played and I could really use some more people in the seats. (Link for tickets here). Seating by 4:30 p.m. for the 5-7 p.m. live radio broadcast. Listen on Northern Community Radio or online if you can’t be there.

I know we just had an election and that I haven’t done much to parse the results. I’ll have a column about the 8th District results on Sunday. As you’ll hear in the podcast, my mind has really been wrapped in my book project these last couple months. I’m hoping to get the blog back in running condition soon.

Thanks for reading, and listening.

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