Hell’s Kitchen to raise cold cash for Embarrass, MN

Hell's Kitchen says "Game On"

Minneapolis restaurant and hot spot Hell’s Kitchen is doing a cold-weather inspired fundraiser for the Embarrass, MN, fire department on Feb. 22.

It’s getting cold in northern Minnesota again. I’m not sure if it’s colder than Mars like it was a couple weeks ago, but adequately cold and getting colder. We talked about the cold on Northern Community Radio’s Between You and Me last Saturday, in which I shared an expanded version  of my “Insider Tips on How to Dress for Cold.”

Well, this post is to update another story from the last cold snap, the one in which Minneapolis hot spot Hell’s Kitchen offered a free brunch to residents of northern Minnesota’s coldest place: the township of Embarrass. Hell’s Kitchen is now planning to come to Embarrass on Feb. 22 to do a fundraiser for the local fire department. It’s good marketing, sure (bringing some heat to Minnesota’s cold spot) but it’s also good fun and a good cause.

Nicely done, Beelzebub’s Cookhall.

Lucifer’s Galley.

Hades Mess Hall.

Anyway, I’m sure City Pages has been down this road before, so I’ll stop. Check out Hell’s Kitchen’s post about this Feb. 22 event if you’re interested.

On a side note, I was very excited to hear one of my favorite podcasts, The Bugle, reference Embarrass, Minnesota, and the extreme cold of the upper Midwest. The Bugle is an international news comedy podcast and I was impressed to hear them not only make accurate cold jokes, but also a very effective topical Minnesota Vikings/Leslie Frazier got fired joke told in proper local context.

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