Week brings political sparring, radio showmanship

I’ve been underground for a couple days, on the mend from a bad cold and ear infection. I’m not all the way back yet but aim to be ready for the busy week ahead. Later this morning I’ll post the live feed for the third debate between Chip Cravaack and Rick Nolan in Minnesota’s Eighth… Read More →

Here upon my return from the South

It was a glorious trip to Atlanta last week, one I decided not to encumber with blogging efforts. Over the next few days I’ll share some photos and thoughts about my first meaningful trip south of the Mason-Dixon line. But by now readers I’m sure most of you are concerned with what Gov. Pappy O’Daniel… Read More →

My (friendly) Union march to Atlanta

I’m traveling into the heart of the Confederacy today. I am very excited to spend the next few days as arm candy for my more successful blogging wife and to take in the sights and sounds of Atlanta, Georgia. This will be the furthest south I’ve ever gone. When I was 11 my grandparents took… Read More →

The season turns

Leaves are coming down. It always seems so soon but there’s nothing special about this. Always with the first days of school come the leaves, the chill, the smell of plant cells dying days before we see any evidence. The grasshoppers take the place of the mosquitos and deer flies. We welcome them because, like… Read More →

Primary Day in northern Minnesota

Events like the Aug. 14 primary always bring new readers to this site. If this is you, welcome! MinnesotaBrown.com covers politics, but that’s only a part of why I write the blog. We’re here to celebrate, protect, defend, reform and innovate one little corner of the world, so that the story of our people carries… Read More →

COLUMN: Poor man’s apocalypse

This is my Sunday column for the July 8, 2012 edition of the Hibbing Daily Tribune. As you may have noticed last Monday night’s storm knocked out power throughout Itasca County where I live. We didn’t have power back until later in the week, so I’ve been slow to resume blogging because of the backlog… Read More →

Operational capacity returns to MinnesotaBrown.com

I am happy to report that power is restored at MinnesotaBrown World Headquarters. It was a 67 hour outage for us, which is a tad longish. I wish I could say I have a notebook full of material to unload all at once but there is a lot to do around the house. I have… Read More →

No power. No blog.

A large rural power outage that began Monday night in northern Minnesota has shut down MinnesotaBrown World Headquarters. Blogging will resume when possible. Related posts: No related posts.

Hello readers! This is the Iron Range blog

The day’s political news is bringing some new traffic to this Iron Range blog today. Welcome! Consider following MinnesotaBrown on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or plug us into your RSS feed. These things help me keep the blog going in ways that aren’t costly or annoying to you. MinnesotaBrown.com is the fastest-growing web-log in… Read More →

More MN-8 candidate interviews on the way

I was hoping to run all three MN-8 DFL candidate interviews this week but we have experienced delays. Rendering these massive digital files has taken longer than expected and Richie has been working hard to polish the videos up for broadcast. I still hope to run Jeff Anderson today, but it looks more like we’ll… Read More →